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Wind Farm Investment is a specialist developer of onshore wind farms in the Australia. We focus on projects with a capacity of between 1MW and 10MW(typically 1 to 20 turbines). Our mission is to develop sustainable wind energy projects that benefit landowners and local communities while contributing towards the Australia´s achivement of local and national renewable energy targets. We are a small dynamic company which is able to work with landowners with differing requirements. As a Landowner you will never be faced with dealing with a large faceless organization. We see the entire wind farm development process as a long term partnership.

Distributed energy

Wind Farm Investments provides consulting and construction services to the distributed generation market utilizing wind energy and renewable energy. Distributed generation reduces the amount of energy lost in transmitting electricity because the electricity is generated very near where it is used, perhaps even in the same building. This also reduces the size and number of power lines that must be constructed. We do not claim to be able to handle every type of project type and size out in the marketplace. Our focus is in the distributed renewable generation market. These projects are usually smaller to mid-size construction and generation projects under 20 MWs.

By utilizing wind energy, solar energy, biomass or other forms of renewable energy, industries, municipalities, schools, universities, and other large energy users can take control of the ever increasing costs of energy. Distributed generation projects have several advantages over traditional energy sources:


We provide a choice for some of the most efficient and cost-effective NEW, [RE]Built, RECONDITIONED and RETROFIT WIND TURBINES from 80kW through to 3MW with trusted brands such as Bonus and Vestas. View our extensive range of wind turbines to find a system suitable for your site and rate of return.

With our experienced team of engineers and planners we can safely take your project through the process of site selection, successful planning permission, grid connection and the construction phase. We have broken down the steps of wind turbine installation for your information and are happy to answer any questions you may have.